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Yesterday   Uber has had its fair share of troubles in its efforts to put self-driving cabs on the road, but before it tackles them all, it’s moving into new territory: building autonomous electric scooters and bicycles for its fleet of on-demand vehicles.

3 Days Ago   We’ve known for a while now that China has a roadmap to implement a ‘social credit system’ for its citizens in 2020: the plan is to score people based on their interactions and infractions with public and private institutions, such as breaking traffic rules, and spreading misinformation online.

4 Days Ago   The European Union is inching closer to enacting sweeping copyright legislation that would require platforms like Google, Facebook to pay publishers for the privilege of displaying their content to users, as well as monitoring copyright infringement by users on the sites and services they manage.

5 Days Ago   I’m generally wary of wearable tech, because a lot of ‘innovation’ in the space is geared towards jamming unnecessary circuitry and functionality into articles of clothing that work just fine without them. Case in point: notifications on smartwatches (come fight me, but only after you read this).

6 Days Ago   YouTube has published new policies for its video platform that state it won’t allow content depicting dangerous pranks and stunts like the Bird Box and Tide Pod challenges.

6 Days Ago   Apple is now selling battery cases to help you avoid running out of juice with your iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, at $129 a pop. The cases are available in black and white silicon finishes, and support wireless charging.

6 Days Ago   2018 was an interesting year for smartphones: we saw numerous brands try different approaches to making their products more compelling and diverse than before, including Vivo’s dual-display Nex 2, the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition that charges lightning-fast, and the slider-equipped Oppo Find X.

7 Days Ago   If you’ve never played Rocket League before, there’s now a good reason to give it a go: the massively popular soccer-with-RC-cars game has just introduced full cross-platform play across every modern OS and console – including the Nintendo Switch – so you can team up with players regardless of what system they own.

7 Days Ago   Last Friday, Judge Kandis Westmore ruled in a US federal court in California that police cannot compel suspects to unlock their phones using biometrics like face recognition, iris scans, or fingerprints, as that would be in violation of their Fifth Amendment protections against self-incrimination.

7 Days Ago   I’ve been using mind maps more often lately, to plan feature stories, as well as for household maintenance and hobby projects. While pen and paper work great, software tools are more flexible and can accommodate detailed information better.

8 Days Ago   This picture above, of an egg, has racked up the most likes of any single post on Instagram: 24 million and counting. And it beat the last record holder – a photo of model Kylie Jenner’s baby posted last February – by a whopping 6 million in just 10 days.

8 Days Ago   The Verge reports that Verizon is the latest company to throw its hat into the game streaming ring, with a trial of its upcoming service that it’s quietly running with some customers on Nvidia Shield set-top boxes.

8 Days Ago   Draw your swords: the eighth and final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is nearly here, and its first teaser is out now. Hit the play button above to watch it.

11 Days Ago   Bellevue, Washington-based game studio Bungie – which created the massively popular Halo and Destiny franchises – is parting ways with its publisher, Activision, after eight years together.

11 Days Ago   The Information reports that Amazon is putting together a game streaming service that will beam titles from the cloud right to your devices, so you can play without installing them, or even owning a powerful machine to run them.

11 Days Ago   San Jose-based Energous is working on something you want in your gadgets, but can’t see – over-the-air wireless charging. The company’s been working on its WattUp technology – which beams power across distances of up to a meter from charging stations straight to your devices – for a few years now.

12 Days Ago   TechCrunch reports that Instagram has introduced a handy new feature in its iOS app that lets you share the same post from multiple accounts that you run.

12 Days Ago   Every year since 2009, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has publicly announced his New Year resolutions; for 2019, he intends to “host a series of public discussions about the future of technology in society — the opportunities, the challenges, the hopes, and the anxieties.” Zuckerberg noted in his Facebook post that the plan is to involve “leaders, experts, and people in our community from different fields” in these conversations every few weeks, and make them publicly available.

13 Days Ago   Last year, we saw a bunch of brands launch smart speakers with touchscreens, including a revamped Echo Show from Amazon and several devices powered by Google Assistant.

14 Days Ago   Reliance Jio, the third largest mobile carrier in India, is blocking access to several proxy and VPN sites that allow users to anonymously browse the web and sidestep internet service providers’ content restrictions online.

14 Days Ago   At CES, Fort Worth, Texas-based firm Bell revealed a full-scale model of its Nexus hybrid-electric air taxi that can take off and land vertically, and seat five people.

14 Days Ago   I can’t help but rag on gaming laptops that feature loud design elements and over-the-top RGB lighting, but I can certainly get behind ASUS‘ bonkers new ROG Mothership, which features a radical approach to cramming plenty of powerful hardware into a portable system.

15 Days Ago   At CES in Las Vegas today, Samsung unveiled its fresh take on gaming laptops, the Notebook Odyssey, with top-end hardware and and a more discreet look than others in this segment.

15 Days Ago   Lots of folks were annoyed when smartphones began cutting out a notch from their displays to make room for front cameras and maximize screen real estate a couple of years ago.

17 Days Ago   You probably know of the Marshall brand of guitar amplifiers, which have been rocking clubs and arenas since the 60s. With the help of Sweden-based firm Zound Industries, the brand expanded to launch consumer products like headphones and wireless speakers a couple of years ago; its instantly recognizable moniker and stage-ready aesthetic have helped it gain a foothold in the saturated audio gear space.

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