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2 Days Ago   At its presentation today at the California Academy of Sciences, Elon Musk‘s brain-computer interface company Neuralink revealed its plans to begin human trials of its neuron-reading technology next year.

3 Days Ago   Gaming mice are great for bringing your best to intense titles that require sharp reflexes and quick maneuvers. Logitech makes some of the most well loved models on the market, and it says its G502 line has been among the best-selling mice ever, since it was first introduced in 2014.

4 Days Ago   I’m a huge fan of active noise-canceling (ANC) headphones – between long commutes and my boisterous co-working space, they’re a great way to drown out the cacophony around me.

4 Days Ago   Welcome to PRIME CHEAP, our series about things that are good, cheap, and part of Amazon’s Prime Day sales. Hey, we gotta eat too. If you’re curious about your family history, there are a bunch of services to choose from for analyzing your DNA and tracing your roots.

7 Days Ago   Every time I travel overseas, from my home base in India, I’m distressed by the thought of having to use only toilet paper to clean up below the belt.

8 Days Ago   After shutting down failed Google+ in April, the big G is giving this social network thing another go. It’s currently trialing Shoelace, a hyperlocal network for people who want to find others to join them in activities like sports and attending shows.

9 Days Ago   Couch potatoes rejoice: you can finally stream Amazon Prime Video using Chromecast dongles, and YouTube support has returned to Amazon‘s Fire line of streaming devices. The double whammy is the result of Google and Amazon making good on their promise from April to bury the hatchet over their streaming video services.

10 Days Ago   We don’t advise watching Netflix while you’re at work, but if that’s how you want to play it, there’s a new tool that’ll help make it a whole lot easier.

10 Days Ago   Spotify has just launched a Lite version of its Android app that’s designed to work well on low-end devices and spotty connections. The app comes in at under 10MB, and is set to stream tunes at ‘Basic’ quality by default, which the company says should work out to roughly 0.5MB per song on average.

11 Days Ago   British Airways (BA) is about to be slapped with a massive fine of £183 million ($229 million) by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The penalty is for failing to secure its site and preventing the theft of some 500,000 users’ personal information in a data breach it suffered last September.

11 Days Ago   Tokyo-based media outlet The Asahi Shimbun’s Takeho Morita published a quintessentially Japanese story last week: many people who rent cars through vehicle-sharing services across the country don’t drive them at all.

14 Days Ago   A number of companies have been working on over-the-air charging – the holy grail for electronic devices – for several years now. Just think about how cool it’d be to never again have to plug your gadgets into wall sockets, change the batteries in your smoke detector, or even put down your phone so it can juice up.

22 Days Ago   I hadn’t heard of RevoNext until the company got in touch with me, and I imagine I’m not the only one. The Swedish brand has only been around since 2015, and specializes in in-ear monitor-style earphones.

23 Days Ago   Dutch automotive firm Lightyear has unveiled a prototype of the One, a solar-powered car that can travel up to 725km (450 miles) on a full charge.

28 Days Ago   In case you were holding out for a Google or Pixel-branded tablet, I’ve got some bad news: the company is no longer interested in building these devices in-house.

30 Days Ago   CNET reports that Samsung is gearing up to unveil its Galaxy Note 10 phone on August 7 at the Barclays Center in New York. That lines up with the Korean firm’s usual annual schedule for Galaxy Note launches – but it’s possible that the date might change, seeing as how August is still a while away.

31 Days Ago   Samsung was lambasted and mocked in the press and on social media yesterday, after the company tweeted a reminder to owners of its smart TVs to periodically run virus scans on their panels – along with a video demonstration of how to go about it.

35 Days Ago   On its blog today, Google talked up Game Builder, its sandbox for desktops that lets you create 3D games without having to write any code (though you can if you want to).

36 Days Ago   As Hong Kong battles against the proposed extradition bill that would China more power over the autonomous territory, protesters in the city are said to have experienced an outage of Telegram‘s encrypted messaging service yesterday – and Beijing may have had something to do with it.

37 Days Ago   Dropbox is revamping its productivity and business-focused cloud storage service with a whole new look and useful app integrations, and I’m really into it. The overhaul is all about turning your storage space into a productivity launchpad.

39 Days Ago   At its E3 briefing yesterday, Bethesda Softworks, the publisher behind the popular Elder Scrolls and Fallout game franchises, announced that it’s also hopping on the game streaming bandwagon – but not in the way you might think.

39 Days Ago   At Microsoft’s E3 Xbox briefing, the crowd was taken by surprise when a likeness of Keanu Reeves appeared at the end of a new trailer for CD Projekt Red’s ambitious new open-world RPG, Cyberpunk 2077.

39 Days Ago   At its E3 briefing today, Microsoft announced Project Scarlett, the working name for its next-generation Xbox game console – and it sounds like it’s going to be a real powerhouse.

42 Days Ago   If you need to back up your data for work, school, or play, there are loads of hard drives out there waiting to be filled to the brim with your precious files.

44 Days Ago   Another day, another Google product being shuttered. This time, it’s Trips, the travel app that automatically created plans for your holidays in a simple, beautiful interface.

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