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2 Days Ago   We publish a lot of stories on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the majority of news breaks during our European hours of operation, which makes it difficult for our readers in the US (and other regions) to keep up.

2 Days Ago   We’ve already laid out some reasons for why we don’t think the Galaxy Fold is overpriced, and here’s something else that we think further sweetens the deal: The Galaxy Fold comes with Samsung’s new AKG-tuned wireless earbuds in the box.

2 Days Ago   The latest Galaxy S10 update that started rolling out earlier this week is now more widely available. This update is an important one, as it brings a change many Galaxy S10 users had been asking for: A dedicated Night mode can now be found in the camera app.

2 Days Ago   North American carrier Sprint has released a new Galaxy Note 8 software update that bundles the April 2019 security patch. The update, which comes with software version N950USQU5DSD4, may be about more than security enhancements, however.

2 Days Ago   For powering the Galaxy Fold and its 7.3-inch and 4.6-inch inner and cover displays, Samsung has equipped its foldable smartphone with a 4380 mAh battery. Considering regular flagship phones now have 4,000 mAh batteries, the Fold’s battery capacity doesn’t instill much confidence.

3 Days Ago   We publish a lot of stories on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the majority of news breaks during our European hours of operation, which makes it difficult for our readers in the US (and other regions) to keep up.

3 Days Ago   Long-time users of Galaxy smartphones rejoiced when Samsung added the option to use the home screen in landscape orientation with the Galaxy S9 last year. Now, on the Galaxy S10, Samsung has added the option to enable screen rotation for the lock screen as well.

3 Days Ago   Samsung has released the Android Pie update for the Galaxy J6 in the Indian market. The J6 received its first Pie update in Italy earlier this month, and it’s not surprising to see Samsung has released it in India soon after, as the Galaxy J6 and Galaxy J8 were big hits in the country.

3 Days Ago   Samsung’s latest update for the Galaxy S10 brings a dedicated Night mode to the camera app. It was rumored before that the company would be bringing a dedicated Night mode to its latest flagships with a software update in late April or early May, and that’s exactly what has happened.

3 Days Ago   Another Galaxy smartphone is now being treated to the April 2019 security patch. Samsung has released an update for the Galaxy A8 Star in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, bringing the device up to software version G885FDXS2ASD1.

3 Days Ago   Samsung has issued an statement about the Galaxy Fold’s display issues, saying that it will be thoroughly inspecting the malfunctioning units “in person to determine the cause of the matter.” And, as we suggested after the display issues came to light, the company also says it will make the importance of the preinstalled protective film […] The post Samsung will investigate Galaxy Fold display issues, won’t delay launch appeared first on SamMobile.

3 Days Ago   With the troubling reports of Galaxy Fold displays failing on review units, Samsung is going to have some busy days ahead as it tries to tackle the problem and fix things as soon as it possibly can, but it looks like the company may have prevented some of the issues ahead of time by simply placing […] The post Here’s an important notice for current and future Galaxy Fold owners appeared first on SamMobile.

3 Days Ago   Samsung may soon have a public relations nightmare on its hands: Multiple US journalists have revealed that the display on their Galaxy Fold review unit has stopped working after a day or two of use.

4 Days Ago   Samsung makes amazing smartphone displays and has been doing so for a few years now. No one was surprised when the folks over at DisplayMate called the Galaxy S10’s display the best there is, and Samsung has been particularly praised for working on color accuracy in recent years.

4 Days Ago   Your new Galaxy Buds are in for a treat thanks to a new update Samsung is rolling out for its AKG-tuned wireless earbuds. Perhaps the most important part of the new update is the touchpad improvements for when you double or triple-tap the touchpad, along with an option to select whether you want to permanently […] The post Massive Galaxy Buds update rolling out, here are the details appeared first on SamMobile.

4 Days Ago   Samsung has released a new software update for the Galaxy M20 in India to improve the phone’s charging performance. The changelog for the update doesn’t go into specifics, nor have we heard anything about charging issues on the device, but if anyone had been facing any on their M20, this update will hopefully get things back […] The post Latest Galaxy M20 software update improves charging performance appeared first on SamMobile.

5 Days Ago   Sprint has released a software update to fix LTE reception issues plaguing the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+. Many Galaxy S10 owners in the US have been complaining about poorer signal reception, with Sprint’s variants affected considerably more than those on AT&T and T-Mobile’s network.

5 Days Ago   DxOMark has published its in-depth Galaxy S10 5G camera review today and given it an overall score of 112 points for the rear cameras and 97 points for the front-facing cameras.

5 Days Ago   The Galaxy Fold is very close to making its way into the hands of the lucky folks who have been able to pre-order one before Samsung’s limited reservation spots for the device ran out.

6 Days Ago   Good Lock 2019 was released in early March this year with Android Pie compatibility as the major highlight, and the Good Lock team had also offered details on some upcoming functionality that would arrive with new plugins at a later date.

6 Days Ago   When Samsung announced the Galaxy A80 with its sliding and rotating camera mechanism, an obvious question came to everyone’s mind: How would cases work with this phone?

6 Days Ago   The Good Lock app’s EdgeLighting+ plugin has received support for the Galaxy S10 display cutout in a new update. EdgeLighting+ adds multiple new effects over the options available in the standard Edge Lighting feature on Samsung’s flagship phones, and now, with the latest version of the plugin, a new Eclipse effect allows you to make the edges […] The post Good Lock update brings partial Galaxy S10 notification LED alternative appeared first on SamMobile.

8 Days Ago   Did you know Samsung gives you an option to make GIFs from videos you shoot on your Galaxy phone? Seasoned Galaxy smartphone users will probably know about this already, but for those who don’t: The stock video player on Samsung’s Galaxy devices lets you make six-second GIFs from camera videos.

9 Days Ago   So there I was, walking down the streets in what is one of the poshest parts of my city, when I noticed a procession of hot cars (with some insane exhaust notes) making their way through traffic.

9 Days Ago   Samsung is reportedly working on bringing a dedicated Night mode to the camera on its latest flagships. Samsung’s response to the critically acclaimed dedicated night modes on Google and Huawei phones is a feature called Bright Night on the Galaxy S10 lineup, but the feature turned out to be a dud, partly because it doesn’t […] The post Samsung working on dedicated Night mode for Galaxy S10 camera?

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