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Yesterday   We here at Gizmodo had a lot of questions this week, and we did our best to give you some answers because you’re probably wondering some of the same things.

Yesterday   President Donald Trump said he “hadn’t thought” to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin to extradite the 12 Russian military officers indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller for interfering in the 2016 U.S.

Yesterday   On Saturday, Twitter gave the boot to two accounts—Guccifer 2.0 and DCLeaks—that were connected to the 2016 hack of the Democratic National Committee and subsequent leak of stolen documents from the breach.

Yesterday   The robocall problem is as bad as it has ever been, but if big corporations have their way, it just might get worse. The Washington Post reported this week that top businesses from the financial services and retail industry, among others, are lobbying the Trump administration to make it easier to send calls and texts… Read more...

2 Days Ago   Elon Musk—maker of a mini-sub that never got used, hypothetical savior of the Flint, Michigan water crisis, general over-promiser and under-deliverer—was one of the biggest donors to a political action committee with the primary goal of maintaining Republican control in the US House of Representatives.

3 Days Ago   It’s been rumored for months that Facebook might be interested in building its own, in-house processing chips. Now it appears the social network company is really going for it.

3 Days Ago   Two US senators have some suspicions about smart TVs, and they’re asking the Federal Trade Commission to look into the data collection practices employed by TV manufacturers to see if the internet-connected devices are quietly sucking up information from unwitting consumers.

4 Days Ago   In addition to flooding social media with false news stories, propaganda-spreading bots, and all sorts of online chicanery during the 2016 US presidential campaign, Russian trolls also reportedly attempted to erode Americans’ trust in local news by posing as city newspapers.

4 Days Ago   Despite a massive recall of Honey Smacks last month, the US Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday that some grocery stores and other retailers are still selling the cereal from a batch that has been linked to a salmonella outbreak across the United States.

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