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8 Hours Ago   A Nest Hello smart doorbell's camera mistook a homeowner's Batman shirt for an intruder and locked him out of his own home. Doesn't it know the real Dark Knight wouldn't use the front door?

2 Days Ago   Amazon's checkout-less convenience store, Amazon Go, is now open in Chicago. It's the first of the high-tech stores that allow people to grab items and go not located in the company's home city of Seattle.

2 Days Ago   Alea's Air, a smart vent system that uses sensor-filled vents and machine learning, will make sure that your air quality is superb and the temperature is always perfect in every room of your home.

5 Days Ago   There are more than 50,000 Alexa skills that allow Amazon's voice assistant to perform all sorts of tasks. Amazon is planning on killing off those skills and will instead allow Alexa to find the best skill based on a person's request.

6 Days Ago   The Dyson 360 Huerist vacuum, an update to the Dyson 360 Eye, has an upgraded processor that improves its performance and a new LED lighting system that allows it to better navigate in the dark.

6 Days Ago   As Hurricane Florence threatens to crash down the east coast, Airbnb hosts in safe regions are offering up free rooms to those fleeings the storm. There are more than 300 hosts participating in the program.

7 Days Ago   The Google Home smart speaker is now is capable of playing a variety of kid-friendly games provided by Disney that will be sure to keep them entertained and engaged.

7 Days Ago   Apple's latest software update for its HomePod smart speaker is bringing some interesting new features like support for multiple timers and the ability to make and answer phone calls.

8 Days Ago   If you have fond memories of going out with your family and searching for the perfect Christmas tree, well, Amazon wants to create its own holiday tradition, This year, you'll be able to order a real, seven-foot tree from Amazon.

8 Days Ago   A couple visiting Toronto found a hidden camera in a clock that was pointed directly at the bed they were sleeping in, presumably placed there by the home's owner.

9 Days Ago   Amazon's Alexa will do what you ask of it, but that doesn't mean it likes it. The voice assistant will go on a little rant if it is asked to play the irritatingly catchy kid's song Baby Shark.

12 Days Ago   Security researchers at Princeton warn that cyber-attackers could hijack unsecured smart home appliances and turn them into a massive botnet that could target and take down power grids.

13 Days Ago   Brilliant's long-anticipated smart home panel, called Brilliant Control, promises an easy installation process and offers voice control over all kinds of connected devices in your home.

13 Days Ago   There are few things worse than discovering a mess on the toilet seat that you didn't make. Whizz Bang believes it can keep the seat clean by turning bathroom visits into a game of target practice.

14 Days Ago   The Bonaverde coffee machine takes raw, green coffee beans straight from a farmer, then roasts, grinds and brews them all in one machine for the freshest possible cup of coffee.

14 Days Ago   Tesla avoids auto shows, but it made an exception to unveil its next-generation Roadster at the prestigious Grand Basel show that opens in Switzerland on September 5 -- a vehicle that we have seen glimpses of before.

15 Days Ago   Amazon has opened its third checkout-less store in Seattle. The high-tech Amazon Go convenience store lets shoppers simply grab their items and go without having to wait in line to pay.

15 Days Ago   Samsung is improving its voice assistant Bixby by introducing support for third-party developers to create apps using the A.I. assistant. Samsung will soon release developer kits that will allow Bixby to be integrated into other services.

19 Days Ago   Your GE and Electrolux appliances will soon respond to your voice. The devices are getting new functionality that will make them respond to voice commands through Google Assistant.

20 Days Ago   At IFA 2018, smart home company Eve went for practical instead of sexy and introduced an internet-connected light switch, light strip, and power strip -- all of which feature Apple HomeKit compatibility.

20 Days Ago   Nanoleaf introduced its Canvas modular lights at IFA 2018. The lights can be layered on a wall in any pattern to create a unique lighting experience that you have complete control over.

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