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26 Minutes Ago   From the outside, McLaren's ultramodern supercar factory looks like a giant mirror in the horizon, splitting water and sky. It's an unexpected sight in the English town of Woking.  Is it any wonder that it was built by the same architects behind Apple's Campus 2?

27 Minutes Ago   Andy Rubin, the man responsible for the Android revolution, is finally ready to show the world his new toys. He may no longer work on Android, or at Google, but Rubin is still very much ready to innovate in the smartphone business.

38 Minutes Ago   There's really no way you could miss the huge blue hole in the centre of Asus' new router. The rather aptly-named Blue Cave is the Taiwanese tech giant's latest AC2600 dual-band Wi-Fi router.

38 Minutes Ago   Intel has announced the new Core X-series, the company's flagship series of enthusiast desktop processors. With the introduction of this series, Intel has also introduced the new Core i9 series of processors.

40 Minutes Ago   For a football fan, a penalty shootout in the play-off finals — with the chance of your team being promoted to the Premier League, no less — is about as tense as it gets.

46 Minutes Ago   Nvidia has announced Max-Q at Computex Taipei today, a new design approach that’s intended to enable thin, light, and quiet laptops with strong gaming performance. The company says that the Max-Q spec can cut the power consumption of a GTX 1080 in half, for example, allowing it to be used in an ultraportable notebook.

53 Minutes Ago   Nore Davis was a winning street racer, but even he couldn't run away from the law. Reminisce with the comedian as we animate the tale of his first arrest.

55 Minutes Ago   Every phone sold today includes an emoji keyboard, which makes it more universal than any other keyboard layout in history. Behind the scenes of this simple-looking set of smileys is an array of meetings involving Apple, Google, Microsoft and other major tech companies.

1 Hour Ago   Andy Rubin, the man who created Android, has unveiled his Essential Phone today. One of the key new aspects of the Android-powered smartphone is a new modular system designed for additional accessories.

1 Hour Ago   Here’s the big question for Andy Rubin, widely known as the father of Android: what’s next? The answer, in part, is that his new company is announcing an entire ecosystem of products that will work together: an intelligent assistant device for you home, a 360 camera, and (of course) a phone.

1 Hour Ago   Android creator Andy Rubin is returning to the smartphone business with his new Essential Phone, and one of its signature features is a modular accessory system that Rubin and co promise will "keep your phone cord-free, future-proof, and always up-to-date." Featuring a pair of magnetic pins on the back of the device, this so-called Click cordless connector will hook up to Essential’s 360-degree camera and its Essential Phone Dock (pictured below).

1 Hour Ago   If last year’s Moto Z can serve as an indication, then the Moto Z2 is likely to be officially unveiled sometime next month. That said, we’ve already got what looks like a legitimate leak on our hands, showing the Z2 wrapped in a protective case, and from all angles.

1 Hour Ago   It’s a huge morning of news from Andy Rubin’s Essential: a new Android phone with a unique edge-to-edge display, a modular accessory system, a new 360 camera for that system, and a new intelligent speaker with a huge circular display.

1 Hour Ago   Essential Home is the new intelligent assistant with round "auto-display" just announced by Andy Rubin's new venture. It can be activated with a question, a tap, or even a "glance," according to Essential, and it's designed to never intrude upon the home.

1 Hour Ago   The Essential Phone, brought to us by the person who created Android, is finally ready for the spotlight. It’s an incredibly audacious and ambitious project, with an outlandish screen and the beginnings of a modular ecosystem.

1 Hour Ago   It seems that OnePlus is finally cranking up the hype machine. After revealing the name, processor, and aspirations of its next flagship, OnePlus is now dropping a teaser on what its users can really expect this year.

1 Hour Ago   A lot of technical coverage about iOS 10.3 has focused on the introduction of APFS, a new modern file system that will eventually power all Apple products.

1 Hour Ago   This company wants to use cellular data connections to keep its remote sites online, reports a pilot fish working on the issue. And at some locations, just two things stand in the way of solving the connectivity problem: reality and an offshore support team in India.

1 Hour Ago   As more companies undertake digital transformation projects, having the right IT professionals with the right skills has become more important than ever. IT managers gearing up for such projects say they particularly need experts in big data, analytics and cybersecurity -- the very skill sets that are in acute short supply.

1 Hour Ago   New York City’s director of innovation Jeff Merritt tells Motherboard about how he's working to ensure lower-income communities have access to the same tech as wealthy ones.

1 Hour Ago   Apple made a lot of promises when it revamped the Apple TV experience with the launch of tvOS 9. Two years later, there’s still room for improvement.

1 Hour Ago   Dell has introduced its first all-in-one PC based on AMD Ryzen microprocessor. The new Inspiron 27 7000-series expands options for those seeking for a system featuring AMD’s latest CPU and is also among the first computers from a top PC OEM to feature Ryzen.

1 Hour Ago   Rela (热拉), a popular lesbian dating app from China, has suddenly gone dark. People are speculating that the app has been blocked by the country's notorious content censors, after its participation in an LGBTQ awareness event in Shanghai recently.

1 Hour Ago   This weekend, Singapore welcomed its first Apple store in a beautiful glass-fronted building that blends minimalist design with nature. Designed by Foster + Partners and Apple, this long-awaited flagship store—called Apple Orchard Road—takes cues from Singapore’s lush environment and features mature trees inside and outside the shop.

1 Hour Ago   European stocks drop almost across the board on Tuesday, with banks leading the charge lower after a broker downgrade and concerns over a potential early election in Italy.