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36 Minutes Ago   The early part of January is typically the slowest time of the year when it comes to app releases, but things picked up in a big way this week as a ton of fresh content made its way to the App Store.

44 Minutes Ago   Android TV is very much alive, as was made abundantly clear by the plethora of new Android TV powered televisions with Google Assistant capability shown off at CES 2018. Streaming boxes powered by Android TV, however, are conspicuously missing—the last Android TV set-top box to be released in the United States was the Xiaomi Mi Box in October 2016.

58 Minutes Ago   Fans of video game-related collectibles, be warned, there’s a new range of figures coming to drain your wallet. ThinkGeek and its parent company GameStop have announced a line of officially licensed figures based on popular PlayStation game franchises, including PaRappa the Rapper, Crash Bandicoot, and God of War.

1 Hour Ago   Monumental showcases the journey of four Maine-born photographers as they explore Katahdin Woods and Waters by canoe, bike, and on foot. The goal? To encourage increased public access to Maine's outdoor resources.

1 Hour Ago   One of the easiest ways for Saturday Night Live to cover a week of news out of the Oval Office – when you don't have Alec Baldwin at your disposal – is to toss Aidy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee Sanders in front of the White House Press Briefing podium.  On a day that marks one year in office for President Trump, the anniversary of Women's Marches across the country, and the first time the government has shut down since 2013, Bryant had a lot on her hands.

1 Hour Ago   “The revolutionary’s Utopia, which in appearance represents a complete break with the past, is always modeled on some image of the lost Paradise, of a legendary Golden Age,” wrote Arthur Koestler in a 1949 essay on his painful disillusionment with the Soviet Union.

1 Hour Ago   Whether you aspire to be a filmmaker, YouTube sensation, or some other media professional, understanding videography inside and out is a must, but it can be challenging for the uninitiated.

1 Hour Ago   With the electronics, mechanisms and simulations done, the miniature pinball game is starting to come together. Now it needs a great case. Remember, not every design element needs to be done on the computer first; sometimes it's better to get han...

1 Hour Ago   Instagram has never been my favorite app, perhaps because I love reading words more than staring at photos. But beyond that core element, it's continued to be the bane of my existence — at least while writing about the tech industry, chatting with friends, and watching the world around me strain to be more "Instagrammable."  SEE ALSO: 2017's most memorable Instagram moments I understand some people — maybe a decent amount of Instagram's 500 million daily users — are inspired by the photos they s

1 Hour Ago   In a surreal – yet too real – moment on Saturday Night Live tonight, Jessica Chastain deliberately broke character as a talk show host to lament, what even matters anymore?

1 Hour Ago   Jessica Chastain, lamenting both her dearth of fun, flighty girl roles and her absence from this weekend's Women's Marches, gave a singing, dancing monologue to kick off tonight's Saturday Night Live hosting duties – all to the tune of Lesley Gore's female empowerment anthem, "You Don't Own Me." Flanked by SNL mainstays Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong, Chastain belted out the classic, while Aidy Bryant celebrated with pink "P-Hats." "I can't say the real word 'cos it's just one of those many wor

2 Hours Ago   É necessário dizer que estamos diante de um julgamento político. Lula não está sendo julgado com imparcialidade. Não interessa se você acha que Lula é culpado ou inocente.

2 Hours Ago   Every week we bring you the latest in Canadian mobile news. Listed below is a quick overview of the top stories from the past seven days.

2 Hours Ago   If you’ve been shopping around for a new graphics card over the last few weeks, you’ve likely had a very hard time finding any in stock.

2 Hours Ago   The third week of 2018 saw devices from only three makers among the 10 most popular on our website. Samsung got five phones, followed by Xiaomi with four, while Oppo took the final remaining spot.

3 Hours Ago   Check out our roundup of the best new crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!

3 Hours Ago   With an eye toward 2021, labor's leading strategists are coming together to build a program that avoids the mistakes of the past. The post How the Labor Movement Is Thinking Ahead to a Post-Trump World appeared first on The Intercept.

4 Hours Ago   Four years ago, on Christmas Eve in my small hometown of Yakutsk, the temperature fell down to freezing -45°C and all the local taxi services simultaneously doubled their prices — leaving loads of people stranded in the Siberian winter.

4 Hours Ago   There's a gap between where you are and where you want to be. Many gaps, in fact, but imagine just one of them. That gap--is it fuel?

4 Hours Ago   New data-driven services, strong light-weight materials and a rapidly built out infrastructure for EVs (Electric Vehicles) are trends impacting the automotive industry throughout 2018. Stefan Issing, the Global Industry Director for Automotive at IFS, presents his industry predictions for the year ahead.

5 Hours Ago   In this episode of the Sunday debate we discuss if the trend of removing the headphone jack is the future or are companies just trying to rip us off.

6 Hours Ago   Verizon's latest unlimited plans may have some undesirable... limits, but at least you won't have to pay for the more expensive plan the next time you're on a North American vacation.

7 Hours Ago   Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to deliver the commencement address at Duke University's 2018 graduation ceremony in May, the school announced on Saturday.

8 Hours Ago   Sony unveiled three phones at CES and the Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra got a warm reception in last week's poll. There's no clear favorite, the votes for these two are nearly evenly split (the Ultra wins by a nose).

9 Hours Ago   It didn’t take long for me to embarrass myself in public after moving to New York City in my early 20s. I was a naive but curious kid from Idaho, and I had a few lessons to learn about myself, the world, and social grace.