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39 Minutes Ago   Starbucks' Unicorn Frappucino might give good photo opp, but Anthony Bourdain thinks it's trash. The inbred show-dog of Starbucks drinks was the target of Bourdain's disdain in a recent interview with Town & Country.

51 Minutes Ago   When it comes to alleviating some of the world's most pressing problems, perhaps we should look to the skies. The word "drone" might inspire images of counterterrorism strikes and the future of package delivery.

1 Hour Ago   A London Marathon runner sacrificed his race time when he slowed to assist a fellow runner struggling to finish the race's final stretch. As the BBC reports, Matthew Rees came to David Wyeth's aid just short of the finish line.  A clip of the moment shows Rees guiding Wyeth toward the end of the race, before a marathon volunteer comes to assist.

1 Hour Ago   When James Cameron’s Avatar was released to theaters back in 2009, it was hyped to be the start of a major new multi-film franchise. Jump to 2017, and not even a single sequel has surfaced.

1 Hour Ago   You pull out your phone with just enough time to pop open the camera and frame the perfect photo before it's too late. Time is always of the essence when you're shooting real-life scenes and another second or two would have been too late.

1 Hour Ago   What Apple fan doesn't like to hear about a tiny company working out of a garage do well right? Thanks to Apple and a group of talented video game designers from Saskatoon ...

1 Hour Ago   Kicks off with Nier: Automata; Breath of the Wild is a bonus game Continue reading…

1 Hour Ago   Endless emails, map requests, web searches, and everything else we do online requires the use of energy-hungry, water-guzzling data centers.  For Google, that enormous thirst for water is causing controversy near Charleston, South Carolina, where the tech giant hosts a sprawling data center complex.

1 Hour Ago   If the world were ever to suddenly become overrun with evil, sentient, terrorist bears, who would you call for help? The Avengers? The X-Men? They’re all busy with Secret Empire.

1 Hour Ago   When we were booting up podcasting, at the first BloggerCons at Harvard and Stanford, one of the core values, if not the core value, was no silos.

1 Hour Ago   One phone took most of the spotlight this week - the Xiaomi Mi 6 was finally unveiled. The device comes in 11 sweet colors, has a dual camera and the latest chipset Snapdragon 835.

1 Hour Ago   In recent years, the reputation of horror author H.P. Lovecraft has come under fire. On one hand, he’s responsible for an entire branch of cosmic horror that remains extraordinarily influential with writers and filmmakers today.

1 Hour Ago   It might be here already. Since Tax Day has already come and gone, we hope it's at least on the way. But when you finally get that sweet, sweet refund, what the hell is the best thing to do with it?

1 Hour Ago   "Petra. Oleanders in bloom with figure." Image: Library of Congress Built sometime around the 4th century BC, the city of Petra in southern Jordan was the capital of the Nabataean society.

1 Hour Ago   To anyone who hasn't spent time on certain corners of Instagram, Starbucks' latest creation and the viral hype surrounding it might be a bit confusing.  The neon "Unicorn Frappuccino" clashes hard with the coffee chain's affected faux-Italian branding.

1 Hour Ago   A UK report today reveals that the inventor of a tablet holder rejected by Dragons' Den has clinched money-spinning deals with Apple and Microsoft. Single mum Alison Grieve, who launched G-Hold three years ago, was signed up after attending a trade show in America. Grieve was able to impress Microsoft specialists who asked her to design a device for their...

1 Hour Ago   Scientists aren’t usually known for taking to the streets, but that’s just what they did in New York yesterday as part of the March for Science.

2 Hours Ago   His options, as he saw them, according to new New York Times reporting on the matter, were (a.) to reveal that the Clinton case, which he had publicly declared closed, had now been reopened to accommodate perusal of those emails, and thereby potentially tilt the election outcome in Donald Trump’s favor, or (b.) to have the emails examined without such a revelation and thus leave the bureau open, down the line, to charges that it had protected Clinton, who then held a relatively comfortable lead

2 Hours Ago   Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs and developments entail new challenges and problems. As AI algorithms grow more advanced, it becomes more difficult to make sense of their inner workings.

2 Hours Ago   Tens of thousands of people took to the streets for Saturday’s March for Science, a series of rallies and marches held on Earth Day. With over 600 rallies across the world, the “celebration of science” was organized and attended by individuals advocating the use of evidence-based policy making in all levels of government, with climate change a major issue of interest.

2 Hours Ago   As the name suggests, Prison Architect is a game that allows players to build and manage a maximum security prison. Originally launched on PC back in 2015, Prison Architect will soon make its debut on mobile platforms.

2 Hours Ago   All dogs are good, but some dogs are the best. Using a unique and complex algorithm that we cannot disclose (just kidding, we picked 50 dogs from the American Kennel Club website, gave each a score out of 10, then argued with each other in the case of a tie), we have ranked 50 good dog breeds from fiftieth-best to first-best.

2 Hours Ago   Even the most expensive pair of hi-fi headphones can’t match the feeling of bass rumbling through your body at a live show. That's why music aficionados designed The Basslet, an accessory that reproduces that sensation from your wrist.

2 Hours Ago   Phone maker HTC has already revealed that they’re going to announce a new “U” branded device in just under a month, and we also know the company is terrible at keeping secrets.

2 Hours Ago   April has been a busy month for Microsoft. First the company shared new details about the 4K Xbox, codenamed Project Scorpio. Then the Creators Update arrived for Windows 10 and now, on Friday, the Xbox team has revealed the free Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games with Gold for the month of May.