About Attribyte Tech

Attribyte Tech allows you to follow topics, stories and people that interest you by creating digests of headlines from your saved searches and favorite authors. Our platform follows the leading blogs, websites and social media to find the most recent and relevant headlines, not only from established publishers but also from emerging sites and authors. If you use an Android device you can install our app for free from the Play store. On the iPhone or iPad, Attribyte Tech can be installed to your home screen as an app.


Headlines from all of your favorites are aggregated to produce a personalized digest that updates whenever new stories are published. Anywhere you see , you can click to add a favorite.

Are you interested in robots AND spiders? If so, you can perform this search and save it as a favorite by clicking the star next to the title on the results page.

Saving a search

After you save, an entry appears in the Favorites menu. The title is a bit ugly. Change it on the Manage page by clicking on .

Changing the title

The new title appears both in the Favorites menu and on the results page.

Changed title

You can also follow your favorite authors. Just click on the from an article page or author view.

Adding a favorite author

Favorites may be temporarily disabled or deleted from the Manage page.

Disabling and deleting favorites

To use Attribyte Tech, you don't have to register, log in, or connect your Facebook or Twitter account. Your settings and favorites are stored using your browser's local storage capability, not on our servers. If you change to a different device or browser, your favorites won't be there. We're working on a feature that allows you to migrate your favorites from one browser or device to another.

The Latest view shows the full stream of stories as they are discovered by Attribyte Tech. The Top view is generated by an algorithm and shows pages that are popular right now. They may be a tweet, a press-release, a product page, or even a PDF. Searches and authors may be saved as Favorites. You can view your saved favorites individually, or as an aggregated digest. The story detail view provides a summary and allows you to browse related headlines.


Attribyte Tech supports a rich query language for searching titles and content. clauses are combined with boolean operators to build complex queries. A clause contains a term that is either a single word or a phrase contained in quotes with an optional field name that identifies the search field. The title is the default search field.

title:java Matches entries with a title that contains the word "java"
content:"programming language" Matches entries with any content (including the title) that contains the exact phrase, "programming language".

Terms may be modified to expand their range with wildcards. A ? matches a single character and * matches multiple characters. Wildcard symbols may be applied only to single-word terms and may not appear as the first character.

title:snow*ing Matches entries with a title that contains "snowing" "snowboarding", "snorkeling", "snoring" ...
content:te?t Matches entries with content that contains "test" "text", "tent" ...
content:*soft Not Allowed.

"Fuzzy" and proximity searches are also supported. Fuzzy searches apply to single-word terms and are based on Damerau-Levenshtein Distance. Edit distances of 1 and 2 are supported. Proximity searches apply to phrases and match words within a specific distance.

snowedn~1 Matches entries with a title that contain "snowden".
"Donald Trump"~1 Matches "Donald Trump", "Donald J. Trump"

The boolean operators AND, OR and NOT are used to combine terms to form complex queries. Operators must be specified with ALL CAPS.

title:"William Gibson" AND content:"Neal Stephenson" Matches entries that contain "William Gibson" in the title and also contain "Neal Stephenson" anywhere in the content.
content:"William Gibson" OR content:"Neal Stephenson" Matches entries that contain one or both of the authors in their content.
content:"Drunk Texting" NOT title:nsfw Matches entries that contain "Drunk Texting" that do not have "NSFW" in the title.
Security Issues

Please report any security-related issue to security@attribyte.com. To communicate with us privately, please use our public key and provide a secure way for us to respond.