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53 Minutes Ago   This season Harley dominates NHRA motorcycle drag racing as rider Ed Krawiec just racked up his third win in a row. Krawiec and teammate Andrew Hines both ride dragsters based on the Harley-Davidson Street Rod.

54 Minutes Ago   It might come as no surprise to those of you who follow me and also BGR, but I'm a big believer in Apple's vision for the company's wearable.

56 Minutes Ago   Though it might seem as if the investor community is turning against dual-class share structures, there are still tough opponents who continue to argue for a founder-led approach.

57 Minutes Ago   Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Inc. investors got exactly what they wanted Friday with the surprise news that the company dropped its controversial shareholder plan, thanks to Wall Street’s love of Facebook stock.

57 Minutes Ago   The rich are getting richer, and this trend has become so pronounced that even the wealthiest Americans, who have reaped the lion’s share of economic gains in recent years, are sounding the alarm bell.

59 Minutes Ago   It’s been just about a year since Nintendo announced it would finally be bringing its beloved Mario franchise to smartphones, and it’s not letting Super Mario Run’s first birthday pass by without a celebration.

1 Hour Ago   Well, at least it’s during work hours Continue reading…

1 Hour Ago   Apple has instructed some of its suppliers to slow down delivery of iPhone X components, according to Taiwanese website DigiTimes. The report, citing unnamed sources from within Apple's supply chain, claims the suppliers are now shipping only about 40 percent of the components originally planned for the initial production of the iPhone X.

1 Hour Ago   As each MacOS update has completed installing, we've always stared lovingly at our Mac desktop, wondering what's actually changed. And most of the time, it's fairly obvious.We normally get big, sweeping new features and additions after Apple releases...

1 Hour Ago   Last summer, OneWeb founder Greg Wyler flew to Tokyo to visit Japan’s richest man, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son. Mr. Wyler, whose startup wants to beam the internet from satellites in space, wasn’t desperate for funds.

1 Hour Ago   Which means Netflix and Amazon have to make more of their own shows. If you’re on the fence about paying an extra $6 a month to watch some TV shows without ads, 21st Century Fox would like to make a more persuasive case: It is adding a bunch of additional inventory to its FX+ service.

1 Hour Ago   Post Malone has shattered Apple Music’s single week streaming record with over 25 million streams of his new single “Rockstar” feat. 21 Savage, the streaming service tells The Verge.

1 Hour Ago   If you're a regular TR reader, you may recall that just a few weeks ago we reviewed the Gigabyte Aero 15 thin gaming laptop. The idea of combining "thin" and "gaming" in a single device usually goes poorly, but Gigabyte pulled it off with aplomb.

1 Hour Ago   Learn anything about web development you want at your own pace with the keys to the educational kingdom — a lifetime subscription to SitePoint Premium Courses, which you can get for an additional $10 off ($39.99) with this limited time price drop.

1 Hour Ago   Casting a wide search for ET won’t be easy and it won’t be cheap, but it will surely be transformative.

1 Hour Ago   We'll admit it: MacOS High Sierra is kind of boring compared to previous updates to the Mac operating system.Sure, it has a new file system underneath, and it will eventually include support for virtual reality experiences.

1 Hour Ago   Apple's latest version of MacOS comes out on 25 September. But can your Mac run it?While at its mostly annual developers conference in San Jose, Apple showed off MacOS High Sierra, a major update to the MacOS Sierra operating system announced last year....

1 Hour Ago   Ignite, Microsoft’s annual IT event, is currently underway in Orlando, Florida, and the software giant today revealed a range of new Windows 10 S devices from the likes of HP, Lenovo and Acer.

1 Hour Ago   Nintendo is preparing to release a major update to 'Super Mario Run' on September 29, with the Friday upgrade introducing new content to the iOS platform game, including a new game mode and playable character, with a discount implementing at the time of the update's release cutting the price of unlocking the full game in half.

1 Hour Ago   People are surprised that Russia was able to use trolling to change the outcome of our election, but I wasn't. I had experienced at the hands of some Russian-like tech companies in the early 2000s.

1 Hour Ago   Last year, we reported that Microsoft and Facebook were teaming up to build a massive undersea cable that would cross the Atlantic, connecting Virginia Beach to the northern city of Bilbao in Spain.

1 Hour Ago   After topping 2,500 points last week, will the S&P 500 push higher or drop to a lower resistance level? asks Avi Gilburt.