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43 Minutes Ago   Despite humanity's astounding technological advances, the one thing that we've never been able to invent our way out of is our own mortality. But what if you never actually had to lose the ones you love?

44 Minutes Ago   The iPod is almost dead.  Apple's website no longer lists the iPod nano and iPod shuffle, suggesting the smallest music players in the line have finally been discontinued.

45 Minutes Ago   There is a certain breed of Photoshop artist with a passion for history and a keen eye for detail who take it upon themselves to breathe new life into important historic photos. When you have an idea of the level of effort that goes into these colourisations,...

45 Minutes Ago   Any Carl Sagan fan knows you’re made of star stuff. Protons don’t decay into any other particles (as far as we can tell), so you can reliably assume that most bits of you have been around since a second after the Big Bang.

45 Minutes Ago   The summer months are often a slow time for retailers -- which is why it's the best time to prepare for the busy holiday season. Columnist Tom Mucklow discusses how retailers can use this time to get started on their holiday planning.

46 Minutes Ago   We love a good live stream fail, even if the situation does get a bit ~hairy~. While live streaming herself playing League of Legends, Twitch user AnaPlaying found herself in a bit of a pickle after casually playing with a lighter a little too close to her head.  SEE ALSO: Developers sued over alleged 'League of Legends' knock-off are now crying fake news As she casually flicks the lighter while talking to her followers, she accidentally lights her hair on fire and doesn't notice for a few good

49 Minutes Ago   First Lady Melania Trump joined her husband at a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, on Tuesday, and proceeded to be watched like she was a bad kid who might do something wrong at any moment.

51 Minutes Ago   All the NAMCO games you could possibly want to play will be coming to Nintendo Switch in one single title: Namco Museum. This game’s first full-length launch trailer was launched today, and it looks pretty gosh-darned solid.

52 Minutes Ago   Apple is bringing augmented reality to the masses this fall with its ARKit developer platform, but that might just be the starting point. A new patent surfaced by Patently Apple shows evidence of a separate augmented reality gadget in the works that could supplement the platform.

52 Minutes Ago   The iPhone isn’t going to be here for ever, we often hear, as various companies are already working on products that will “kill” it. Virtual and augmented reality, as well as advanced voice recognition tech, are probably major ingredients for a product that could ultimately replace the smartphone, just like we told you.

52 Minutes Ago   The two best VR headsets you can buy right now are the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. They offer the most immersive VR experiences, especially when coupled with motion controllers that replicate your hands in the virtual world.

54 Minutes Ago   U.S. stocks rise on Thursday, with major indexes extending their string of records this year after another round of upbeat corporate earnings.

54 Minutes Ago   Archos has tried its hand at making various cheap, media-focused Android tablets, none of which were very good. It eventually released a version of its video player app on the Play Store, where it garnered a few million downloads.

54 Minutes Ago   Hell hath no fury like a bored programmer annoyed by all the crappy Android apps that make it to Google Play. One irked Redditor has decided to launch the very first Android Blacklist with the aim to expose the massive pile of intrusive or exploitative apps that currently reside on Google’s mobile distribution platform.

55 Minutes Ago   Google launched Daydream last year at I/O 2016, making it the company's first official attempt at mobile VR. Unfortunately, the feature did not quite take off and hardware support from most device manufacturers never came.

56 Minutes Ago   Expedia is investing about $350 million in Southeast Asia’s biggest local online travel portal, as the U.S. company tries to increase its presence in one of the world’s fastest-growing markets, people familiar with the matter said.

58 Minutes Ago   From the weapons we'll be able to use to the story, here is everything we know about Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The game is out this October on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

1 Hour Ago   Sony has revealed some dazzling 4K video shot by its low-light champ A7S II from the ISS, showing the US and Japan by day and night.

1 Hour Ago   If you're an Android Police reader, chances are that you sometimes have enough devices in need of a charge that you find yourself either having to decide which one gets to charge first or needing to juggle multiple chargers at one time.

1 Hour Ago   "Learn To Let Go" might just be the name of Kesha's latest single, but it's also become her slogan over the past few years. Upon releasing the music video, the singer wrote about what the powerful anthem means to her in Huff Post, explaining the process of writing the song and creating the visuals—similar to her essay about previous tracks in Lenny Letter and Rolling Stone.  SEE ALSO: Kesha is the voice of her own comeback "As much as our past creates who we are, we can’t let it define us or hol

1 Hour Ago   Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be coming to mobile devices as a Diablo-like adventure starring several Lord of the Rings characters, including Gimli and Boromir. Pre-registration is available now.