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1 Hour Ago   Alright, the OnePlus 5 is obviously right around the corner, with all the teasing and early promotion that the manufacturer is doing. And those of you that are itching to get their hands on the new “flagship killer” might just get the chance to do so before anyone else in the world thanks to a giveaway that OnePlus is hosting.

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Check Point security researchers believe up to a whopping 36.5 million Android devices may have been tainted by Judy adware roaming free in Google Play.

The post Auto-clicking Judy malware detected after years of Google Play-downloaded nefarious activity appeared first on Pocketnow.

1 Hour Ago   Their names may sound like characters from the Lion King, but two new mid-range Asus gaming laptops are designed to help you.vanquish virtual enemies in ways that aren't suitable for all audiences.

1 Hour Ago   Not a week has passed since Xiaomi unveiled the second generation of the Mi Max, and we're already getting treated to more rumors about another upcoming Xiaomi device, the Mi Note 3.

1 Hour Ago   Pitbull just posted the most Pitbull tweet ever. Memorial Day in the U.S. is a time for reflection and remembrance, and like many well-known Americans, the DJ and room service aficionado also took to social media to pay tribute to those who served.

1 Hour Ago   Prince William has opened up about missing his mother in an emotional interview with British GQ magazine.  SEE ALSO: William and Harry tell Kate what it was like losing their mom in a special Facebook live stream William is notoriously reserved about Princess Diana, who died in a car crash in 1997 when he was just 15.

1 Hour Ago   Finding great wallpapers for your Android device isn't exactly a difficult task. Google Play is chock full of great applications, with Wallpapers (by Google), Zedge, and Muzei being some of the most preferred services out there.

1 Hour Ago   It's difficult to find the leverage to make a difference. At your job, there are probably people with more experience than you, more domain knowledge than you, even more skills than you.

1 Hour Ago   Everyone loves a good revenge story — especially when the story in question happens to involve the Queen of Twitter badassery herself, J.K. Rowling. Stories aren't always true, though.

1 Hour Ago   Fear of missing out on the rally could cost you plenty, writes Vitaliy N. Katsenelson.

1 Hour Ago   Hank Smith of Haverton Trust expects good times to continue for stock investors, but with lower returns.

1 Hour Ago   Free trade has been a double-edged sword for the U.S., writes Erik Loualiche.

1 Hour Ago   Investors need to know what they’re paying for and why, writes Greg Mech.

1 Hour Ago   Market tops are apparent to anyone willing to see them, writes John Coumarianos.

1 Hour Ago   As you add more smart home devices to your abode you soon realise that instead of making life less complicated, they can sometimes do the opposite.That's because each device requires a different app to control it.

1 Hour Ago   Among all the rumors, tipped, and speculated features of the iPhone 8, there are two that no one can seem to agree on up to now.

1 Hour Ago   Asus held an event at Computex in Taipei where it emphasized on the abilities of the groundbreaking ZenFone AR along with a bunch of laptops and some PC hardware.

2 Hours Ago   Americans are losing confidence in the housing market. Here are ways to protect yourself.

2 Hours Ago   The owner of an electric bike company used several strategies that appealed to an older demographic.

2 Hours Ago   If you work in one of these high-paying careers, you could get some or all of your student loans forgiven.

2 Hours Ago   Who can resist an afternoon nap in dappled sunlight? Sleeping beneath a tree canopy can be wonderful but not always practical, so architect Eva Sopéoglou found a clever way to recreate the dramatic light effects indoors year-round.

2 Hours Ago   Imagine the scenario where you have a monster gaming PC, but you also use the same area to support a few internet connected consoles. Or that the Wi-Fi router for the environment doesn’t actually reach that far, and the home could help assist with wider coverage.

2 Hours Ago   Apple's AirPods are the company's wireless Bluetooth earphones. While it certainly is handy to have a pair of earphones that aren't tangled up by wires, we have to point out that the carrying case for the product is also quite useful.