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3 Hours Ago   The wireless carrier Republic Wireless, which offers atypical service targeted at those who want as low of a bill as possible, is getting into the hardware game with the unveiling of its own smart speaker.

3 Hours Ago   If you tend to work in Google Docs, you already know about it being down for hours on Wednesday, but only AT&T users had the pleasure of realizing their phones also didn't work for a good portion that same day.

3 Hours Ago   A global treaty to eliminate hydrofluorocarbons, a category of extremely potent planet-warming gasses, has cleared a key threshold and will enter into force.

4 Hours Ago   Shares of the San Francisco-based company started trading on Nasdaq Friday, and topped $18.53, well above the initial public offering price of $15. But investors reversed the stock’s early gains and sent the stock to close at $15.15.

4 Hours Ago   Apple's iPhone X isn't just the best iPhone the world has ever seen, it's the best smartphone the world has ever seen. Period. The gorgeous new display, powerful new processor, class-leading camera, and sleek new design come at a price: the glass on the front and back of the iPhone X is easy to break, making the iPhone X the most fragile phone Apple has ever made.

4 Hours Ago   Because nothing says legitimacy like a 30-second informercial, everyone's favorite racist grandpa has taken to Fox News to push the latest retirement-savings proposal to 68-year-olds across this great nation.

4 Hours Ago   Out of all the celebrities, Shaq may be the most willing to put himself into ridiculous situations for sweet, sweet content. The very tall and bald former basketball superstar  took a hit on "NBA on TNT" on Thursday, and by hit we mean someone threw a raw turkey at his head.

4 Hours Ago   Google Home users in Canada can now play a bit of hockey trivia with their Google Assistant thanks to the launch of Drop the Puck. Developed by MyPlanet, a Toronto-based dev house, Drop the Puck is available in both English and French.

4 Hours Ago   Tesla finally unveiled its heavy-duty, all-electric Semi truck, and we're impressed. The big rig is the sum of all of the automaker's work in one massive package, featuring design cues from its other vehicles and even borrowing their parts, like the Model 3 motors that power each of its "super single" wheels.

4 Hours Ago   Can’t afford one of Tesla’s big home batteries? It has a new alternative for you, and it’ll fit in your pocket: the Tesla Powerbank. As you’d expect from a powerbank, this model is designed to charge your smartphone, earbuds, or any other USB gadget, and it is small enough to fit in your pocket.

4 Hours Ago   The Bloody Beetroots’ masked DJ/producer Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo tells DT about the band’s mesh of samples and live instruments, how living real life is crucial for creative songwriting, and what his personally perfect everyday Halloween outfit is, and why you’ll never spot it.

4 Hours Ago   Smart homes let us control everything from lighting to music. So why not scents, too? Thankfully, a new smart aroma diffuser called Moodo is here to make everything that bit sweeter.

4 Hours Ago   A huge study out of Sweden provides some major fodder for your "pro" column about getting a dog.  Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden found that dog owners have better cardiovascular health compared to those without pooches — and live longer.

4 Hours Ago   Cupertino locals were invited to Apple Park on Friday morning for their first glance at the new Visitor Center overlooking the new headquarters.

4 Hours Ago   Mobile digital-to-analog converters can help get the best sound from your smartphone, and the new Ifi iDSD Nano Black Label is sensibly priced, yet still more than powerful enough to tempt you.

4 Hours Ago   Medical advancements are happening all the time, and medical ethics seems to be having a hard time keeping up. The latest (and perhaps most unsettling) example of this is Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero's unceasing desire to perform the first human head transplant.

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4 Hours Ago   The latest DC Comics movie has arrived in theatres across Australia, and around the world this week, with Google cross promoting the movie in Android Pay.

4 Hours Ago   A country singer whose name no one needs to know has released a song about the NFL #TakeAKnee protests. It's called "Take A Knee, My Ass (I Won't Take a Knee)."  SEE ALSO: #TakeAKnee protests are about police violence, not the military or the Constitution New country music song titled “Take a Knee, My Ass (I Won’t Take a Knee)” takes aim at those who kneel during the National Anthem — NBC4 Columbus (@nbc4i) November 17, 2017 The singer expresses

4 Hours Ago   At Blizzcon earlier this month, the studio behind Overwatch announced a new playable character for the hero shooter: Moira, a healer with evasive and damage-dealing abilities.

4 Hours Ago   Pick your language and take on programming challenges for fun and coder cred.

5 Hours Ago   Few things instill a sense of wonder quite like the final frontier. The best space photos show off the beauty of Earth, our solar system, and the far corners of the universe.

5 Hours Ago   Apple Inc.’s delay of its HomePod is a gamble that its most ardent consumers will wait to buy the anticipated device after the holidays, while it risks losing some incremental sales.

5 Hours Ago   The German government isn't just banning some children's smartwatches — its telling people to "destroy" the gadgets already circulating around the country. On Friday, Germany's telecom regulator the Federal Network Agency announced that a number of these devices, designed for ages 5 to 12, can allow someone to remotely tap into the watch's microphone and clandestinely spy from remote locations (just like a wiretap).

5 Hours Ago   Black Friday is just around the corner, but some sweet deals are already here. Join us as we count down to Black Friday with our favorite deals available right now.