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2 Hours Ago   Hatrabbit Entertainment is a game studio based in Stockholm, Sweeden. The company's first mobile title was Merry Snowballs, a winter-themed casual shooter for mobile, Google Cardboard, and Daydream VR.

2 Hours Ago   Also on our show, 2018 still has a new iPad or two in it while Huawei will fold 5G into its foldable phone. Nokia, too, may go all gaming crazy.

2 Hours Ago   Ticketmaster claims it's fighting scalpers tooth and nail, but it may be aiding them in private. Exposés at CBC News and the Toronto Star have shown the company courting professional scalpers, even when it's clear they're using bots or otherw...

2 Hours Ago   Avary Holding (Shenzhen), a unit of Taiwan-based PCB firm Zhen Ding Technology, has started trading its shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE).

2 Hours Ago   The new iOS 12 came out. Those who have waited for the new OS 12 have already been updated. Those who do not know what it is, use the old OS 11.

2 Hours Ago   Huawei has so far topped our lists in 2018 as launching one of our favourite phones this year in the P20 Pro. The phone is currently on-sale through eBay with a discount code for a ridiculous $878.40, more than $200 cheaper than its $1,099 RRP.

2 Hours Ago   The European Space Agency has teamed with Nissan to develop an off-road mobile observatory capable of traveling to the world’s darkest regions. The new vehicle, which is described as a concept at this time, is named the Nissan Navara “Dark Sky.” According to the space agency, this concept includes a trailer featuring a high-powered observatory-class PlaneWave telescope.

2 Hours Ago   Nest made a name for itself as a maker of smart thermostats and other connected home products. But parent company Google's purchase last year of Seattle startup Senosis Health, which was spun out from the University of Washington and focuses on what one report has described as smartphone-based health monitoring systems, has inadvertently revealed a highly secretive push Nest is making into a new area: the world of digital health products and services.

3 Hours Ago   There are a lot of players in the mobile space these days. Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony, HTC, Oppo and Motorola to name a few but over the last couple of years the manufacturer that has impressed me the most in their evolution is OnePlus.

3 Hours Ago   After many leaks, Samsung has officially launched the Galaxy A7, its latest addition to the Galaxy A lineup (Samsung isn’t using the 2018 tag, but we’re guessing it will be present on the retail devices).

3 Hours Ago   The Mi 5 is more than two years old, but that doesn't mean Xiaomi has stopped caring for it - today, the company has started rolling out the much-anticipated stable MIUI 10 to the users.

3 Hours Ago   Every year after the next presentation from the company Apple, everyone is asking the same question. Why does the new iPhone have such a high price?

3 Hours Ago   Everyone's made a typo in their life, including international airlines. Cathay Pacific gained plenty of internet attention after a new paint job on one of its planes resulted in the misspelling of the airline's name.

3 Hours Ago   Samsung’s latest flagships are nearly perfect but they all have one consistent flaw. No, it’s not Bixby per se but the obtrusive Bixby button at the side.

3 Hours Ago   It’s that time of the week again, Google has launched another sale in Play Movies offering discounts up to 60% off a great range of HD quality movies.

3 Hours Ago   Cody Wilson, owner of Defense Distributed and at the center of lawsuits over the ability to sell plans for 3D-printed guns online, is now wanted by the US Marshals.

3 Hours Ago   Back in July, a standalone version of Chrome finally became available for Daydream VR. You could visit sites or play web-based VR games without ever taking off your headset, and it was the first time standalone Daydream headsets (like the Lenovo Mirage Solo) could access websites.

3 Hours Ago   Billionaire Mark Cuban will donate $10 million to women’s advocacy groups after an independent investigation found rampant sexual harassment on the business side of his basketball team.

3 Hours Ago   UK-based games tech startup Improbable has announced the hiring of former Bioware Edmonton general manager Aaryn Flynn, who will serve as the new GM of the company’s North American division.

3 Hours Ago   Given the flood surrounding Apple’s new iPhones and the subsequent rollout of iOS 12, it’s easy enough to forget some of the recent flagship phones that came just days before it.

3 Hours Ago   iOS 13 release date is here. Next question – why we wait new iOS 13. Every year, users of iPhones receive an OS update with new features and capabilities.

4 Hours Ago   Apple has been advocating for unbreakable encryption and total user privacy for years, even if that put it at odds with governments around the world. That’s not just because it gave it an edge on the competition, forcing rivals to also somewhat embrace encryption and better privacy features, but also because Apple seems to genuinely believe that user data and privacy should be defended at all costs.

4 Hours Ago   In iOS 12, Apple's digital health push includes a couple of special new features for iPhone and iPad users who want to cut down on their app usage: App Limits and Downtime.

4 Hours Ago   It’s the Mid-Autumn festival for our friends in China and Vietnam, and as is traditional a lot of delicious mooncakes are being consumed. To celebrate the occasion Dead Zebra has released a limited run of mooncake themed Android Mini’s and they’re available for purchase now.

4 Hours Ago   Huawei is going to announce the Mate 20 Pro on October 16 in London and we've been seeing more and more leaks surrounding the upcoming Huawei flagship.