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5 Minutes Ago   With Elizabeth Warren challenging Joe Biden this month for the front-runner label, she was expected to get extra attention at Tuesday night’s debate in Ohio. Her fellow 2020 Democrats provided her with exactly that.

25 Minutes Ago   Riot Games Now you can play League anywhere, kind of! Continue reading…

28 Minutes Ago   Riot Games Play the popular League of Legends autobattler on the go! Continue reading…

31 Minutes Ago   Apple is quickly padding out its longterm Apple TV+ slate with multi-season series, according to a report on Tuesday that says the tech giant has renewed four shows currently scheduled to debut on or shortly after the service's go-live date on Nov. 1.

31 Minutes Ago   Riot Games The new set will be called Rise of the Elements Continue reading…

38 Minutes Ago   Former Vice President Joe Biden played defense at Tuesday night’s Democratic debate, pushing back as President Donald Trump faces an impeachment inquiry over his request to have Ukraine investigate Biden and his son Hunter.

41 Minutes Ago   Elizabeth Warren is a formidable candidate because she is very skilled at identifying problems plaguing voters. Her solutions are unworkable, however.

43 Minutes Ago   Who is polled and exactly what they were asked influences the findings.

44 Minutes Ago   Strainprint Technologies, a cannabis data and analytics company, has announced that Health Canada has subscribed to its analytics database. Health Canada will use the research platform, Strainprint Analytics, to research Canadians’ cannabis use after legalization.

45 Minutes Ago   The Pixel 4 is finally live, not that there were that many surprises left. Of course, reading about those leaked features and actually experiencing them are two very different things.

47 Minutes Ago   Taco Bell's famous tag line is "run for the border," but a recent discovery might make "run to the hospital" a little bit more appropriate. The nationwide fast food chain earlier today said that it's recalling 2.3 million pounds of seasoned beef after a customer recently discovered a metal shaving in their meal.

59 Minutes Ago   Earlier today, Google officially announced its latest Chromebook -- the affordable Pixelbook Go. While it is designed for portability, it can double as a makeshift desktop by connecting a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

1 Hour Ago   Last night Google launched the Pixel 4 to the world signalling an improvement over last year’s device in nearly every way. One thing they have improved was the display, although it wasn’t bad in the Pixel 3 it did come with a few issues.

1 Hour Ago   Despite what Elon Musk may think of media coverage when it comes to Tesla accidents, we don't want to see the company's EVs smashing into anything.

1 Hour Ago   A very common injection intended to treat pain caused by osteoarthritis may put the patient at risk of accelerated ‘joint destruction,’ according to a new study.

1 Hour Ago   It's still early for solid Samsung Galaxy S11 leaks but we're now starting to get a small trickle of them going. First we got word that Samsung will start to test a new 5x periscope telephoto camera for the S11, and now, thanks to a leaked HTML 5 browser test, we get a hint of the Galaxy S11's new display.

1 Hour Ago   The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple 59 newly granted patents today. Our final granted report of the day covers spatial coordinates of a 3D reconstruction that played a role in developing ARKit.

1 Hour Ago   We’ll never fully forgive Apple for ditching all of the legacy ports on its MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro laptops, but thankfully it’s really not that big of a deal anymore thanks to accessories like the MOKiN 5 in 1 USB-C Adapter Hub Dongle.

1 Hour Ago   It’s not uncommon for smartphone owners to spend real money on free-to-play mobile games, but this story might just take the cake. At the recent Game Connect Asia-Pacific conference in Melbourne, Australia, Chinese publisher Yodo1 spoke about the monetization of its mobile games.

1 Hour Ago   The Pixel 4 is finally here! If all the leaks spoiling nearly every aspect of the phone dampened your excitement, Spigen's fresh new lineup of accessories for the phone might change that.

1 Hour Ago   Google's new Nest Mini, revealed at the company's Made By Google 2019 event, replaces the much-loved and nearly ubiquitous Home Mini. The older Assistant-powered speaker has been discounted and bundled with so many deals over the last couple of years, most of us probably have one on a shelf or side-table somewhere.

1 Hour Ago   Debt investors are taking a more pessimistic view of WeWork after bankers circulated a potential $5 billion rescue financing package for the embattled office-share venture to help it stave off a cash-flow crisis

1 Hour Ago   Amazon leads the pack of on-line retailers participating in Black Friday. Retail stores still have Black Friday sales, but Amazon has epic Black Friday deals followed with nearly equal deals during Cyber Monday.

1 Hour Ago   One of the long-running complaints about the Google Home Mini is the lack of stereo pairing, where one speaker could act as the left audio channel and another could be the right channel.

1 Hour Ago   Google’s new wave of Nest-branded products were announced to the world this morning. The Nest Mini and Nest Wifi are coming to Australian stores in a few weeks, and pre-orders have gone live at a number of retailers!