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20 Minutes Ago   An upcoming documentary reportedly reveals that Facebook has been protecting far-right activists, even though they would normally have been banned over rule violations. UK's Channel 4's documentary series Dispatches sent a reporter undercover and fou...

40 Minutes Ago   The Kodak-branded Bitcoin miner, KashMiner, is officially dead – which is great because it never made sense in the first place. It was supposed to be a machine that you could “hire” – after paying an up-front fee of close to $3,500.

43 Minutes Ago   As it was speculated that the author of LuminosityLink RAT was arrested in September last year, a plea agreement made available to the public today confirmed the news.

43 Minutes Ago   Wilson: "It's just now black letter law that you can traffick in this information."

44 Minutes Ago   Summer is a great time to hit the water and cool off from the sweltering heat. And there is no better way to enjoy your time in the water than with an obnoxious and impossibly large pool float.

44 Minutes Ago   Icelandic whalers have spent much of July ripping back the skin of 65-foot long endangered fin whales in preparation to butcher their meat. Earlier this month, the commercial whaling company, Hvalur hf, may have also captured and skinned an endangered blue whale — the largest creature ever known to live on Earth — according to photographs from the ocean conservation and vigilante group Sea Shepherd.

44 Minutes Ago   Amazon often discounts its own-branded products, especially so on big events like today and tomorrow's Prime Day. And its Fire TV devices are available

44 Minutes Ago   Amazon is dramatically discounting two of its top eBook readers for Amazon Prime Day.Prime members can snag an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Oasis at

1 Hour Ago   New and existing PlayStation Plus members can get 15 months of membership for £34.99 for Amazon Prime Day. That's around half price! Get the PlayStation

1 Hour Ago   Samsung officially announced its 8GB LPDDR5 DRAM chip for smartphones today. The company says that this is the industry’s first 10nm class 8GB LPDDR5 chip. It’s pertinent to mention here that Samsung was the first to bring the 8GB LPDDR4 chip to mass production back in 2014 as well.

1 Hour Ago   With Prime Day sales coming to a close, there's a healthy discount on the Polar M430 GPS sports watch, seeing the price come down to £112.Some versions

1 Hour Ago   Walmart agrees to use Microsoft’s cloud technology to power functions that could include algorithms for purchasing and sales-data sharing with vendors, deepening a partnership between two of Amazon’s most powerful rivals.

1 Hour Ago   It's Amazon Prime Day, which runs until the end of Tuesday 17 July, and the retail giant is offering huge discounts on its Fire tablets right now.They

1 Hour Ago   Amazon Prime Day starts today there's an attractive offer for Kindle owners.Amazon's Kindle Unlimited service - also lovingly known as "the Spotify of

1 Hour Ago   Welcome to our roundup of the best Amazon Echo deals, with the latest pricing available for all of Amazon's Echo devices.  Echo Show: Just £99.99—a

1 Hour Ago   Amazon Prime Day has officially started, seeing 36 hours of discounts from online retailer Amazon.One of those, the Amazon Echo Dot, is now available with

1 Hour Ago   Amazon has revealed a big discount on its Amazon Music Unlimited streaming service - get four months of music for 99p. The offer is to celebrate Amazon

1 Hour Ago   Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories (GEERL) under government-sponsored Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) on July 16 signed an MoU for cooperation with Japan-based Martime Disaster Prevention Center (MDPC) to develop technology and knowledge to handle toxic chemical disaster, according to GEERL.

1 Hour Ago   The Galaxy Tab S4, Samsung’s next flagship tablet, is going to be out in a couple of months. We’ve already seen a couple of leaked renders of the tablet and it has also picked up its FCC certification recently.

1 Hour Ago   In recent months, the question of which games should be granted access to Steam -- Valve's online marketplace -- has become an increasingly heated one. After initially warning developers whose games contained adult or violent subject matter to remove...

1 Hour Ago   Amazon Prime day is running through 16-17 July, with the online retailer slashing prices across its store - meaning you can snap up some bargains - with

1 Hour Ago   Amazon Prime Day has started and Amazon is taking £30 off the price of the second-gen Amazon Echo, meaning you can snap up this Alexa smart speaker for

1 Hour Ago   The HTC U12+ has received mostly positive reviews among Android enthusiasts but its initial sales performance is hardly great. To boost its popularity HTC is releasing a special edition U12+ called Mayday, in collaboration with a popular local band.

1 Hour Ago   Looking for a smart home upgrade? Now's the perfect time as Amazon is discounting its Amazon Echo product bundles with deals too good to miss this Amazon

1 Hour Ago   Thanks to two recent leaks, there's little unknown about the Xiaomi Mi Max 3. It should launch on July 19 looking like this, and packing these specs.