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10 Minutes Ago   Researchers in Ghana are testing a system that will turn cocoa into biofuel, but don’t worry – it uses green waste from harvesting so you can still eat all of the chocolate!

16 Minutes Ago   Ford Motor Co. shares are gaining the most in one day in a decade after the car maker’s massive first-quarter earnings beat dispels worries about its ongoing restructuring effort.

17 Minutes Ago   As wholesale coffee prices fall, here’s what a cup of coffee really costs to make.

20 Minutes Ago   The University of Michigan said the final reading of its consumer sentiment index in April was 97.2, down a touch from the 98.4 in reading in March.

20 Minutes Ago   The U.S. box office is bracing for a record weekend with the release of “Avengers: Endgame” expected to chalk up $275 million in box office receipts and provide the next catalyst for Disney Co.

24 Minutes Ago   Amazon could be preparing to set itself apart from rivals like Spotify and Apple in the music space, as it's said to be working on a high-fidelity streaming platform.

28 Minutes Ago   Home organizing tips from professional organizers that will help you Marie Kondo your home

32 Minutes Ago   Why can’t more franchises experiment like this? Continue reading…

36 Minutes Ago   Google’s getting in on the fervor around Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame—the extra big, extra ‘splodey culmination of Marvel’s cinematic universe over the last decade or so—with a fun little Easter egg.

37 Minutes Ago   Clever heating systems have really come into their own over the last couple of years, with several solutions available to allow you to control your heating

38 Minutes Ago   In an update to its app policies on Thursday, Facebook could stop allowing “apps with minimal utility,” like personality quizzes, on its platform. “The update also clarifies that apps may not ask for data that doesn’t enrich the in-app, user experience,” wrote Facebook’s Eddie O’Neil in a blog post.

39 Minutes Ago   Oil markets are tight. For proof, look no further than the spread between nearby and longer-dated Brent futures contracts.

39 Minutes Ago   Oil futures are sharply lower Friday, prompting U.S. prices to turn lower for the week, following news that President Donald Trump told reporters that he called the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and told members to lower crude prices.

40 Minutes Ago   Imogen Heap hums the opening bars to Breathe In before pinching her fingers, instructing a sequencer to begin playing it on a loop. She opens her palms wide and makes a fist, as if holding a drumstick, and begins thumping the song's beat.

41 Minutes Ago   If you’ve been in your job for a while and feel it’s time to make more money, it can be tough to get that conversation started.

41 Minutes Ago   The contrarian’s case for why inflation may not be dead forever.

43 Minutes Ago   Welcome, all, to the final app sales roundup of the week. Today's list doesn't star too much extraordinary – though, if you're into the retrowave/synthwave/outrun/80's culture like I am, the Nice Bowling game looks fun – so be sure to head back to Monday's and Wednesday's to check if anything there you like is still on sale.

45 Minutes Ago   Only a few working cabinets exist of Akka Arrh, an early-80s Atari arcade game that failed in test markets and was not mass-produced. Tucked away in private collections, no ROM image existed of the otherwise fully-functional prototypes—until, the story has it, a repair worker dumped and exfiltrated them.

52 Minutes Ago   With hundreds of vendors who promise their products are best, the easiest way for brands and agencies to evaluate data might be to think like Subway.