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10 Minutes Ago   Despite tensions between North Korea and the U.S. and its allies, the dollar reached a two-month high against the Japanese yen, a traditional safe haven recently, and the rally could have more to give.

16 Minutes Ago   Crude-oil prices march higher Monday amid a growing market consensus that OPEC will likely extend its production-cut deal.

17 Minutes Ago   Fans and TV analysts weigh in on the multiple Westeros prequels.

19 Minutes Ago   There have been a few rumors and leaks in the last couple of months claiming to offer details on Samsung’s 2018 iteration of the Galaxy A series.

21 Minutes Ago   Cruise control and sports car are normally mutually exclusive, but Porsche InnoDrive helps drivers explore their car's potential. We tested this Porsche-exclusive tech on the roads around the company's headquarters.

21 Minutes Ago   In any up-and-coming professional’s life, there’s a moment where a pressing decision must be made: is it time to buy a Porsche 911? Virtually a uniform for flaunting success at almost any age, the 911 has become synonymous with inconspicuous conspicuous consumption, the acceptable way to flaunt status and cash without making your employees feel too terrible on the morning … Continue reading

22 Minutes Ago   The blockchain, and cryptocurrency as a whole, can feel a bit overwhelming. It’s obviously on the rise, but so much of it is a mystery to the average person.

22 Minutes Ago   At the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, we should consider whether such powerful personal technology will be a force for good or evil, writes Peter Morici.

27 Minutes Ago   Losing your keys is the worst—so it makes sense to do whatever you can to ensure your keys get back to you safely, should they be misplaced.

27 Minutes Ago   Air France is one of the oldest names in aviation. It’s also one of the stuffiest; you don’t instinctively associate it with a hip, young clientele right?

27 Minutes Ago   Intel announced its first wave of eighth-generation Core processors for laptops back in August, and now it’s time for desktops to get their own turn at Intel’s latest processors.

31 Minutes Ago   Good old J.K. has never shied away from political comment on Twitter, but this morning she seemed ready to pack it all in. SEE ALSO: 13 animals with unlikely best friends Luckily, the internet was on hand to help heal her world-weariness.

31 Minutes Ago   iFixit has been very busy lately. In the past few weeks, we’ve not only received teardowns for Android flagships like the Essential Phone and the Galaxy Note 8, but last week iFixit also gave us an iPhone 8 teardown in time for its launch day.

32 Minutes Ago   Bitcoin has recently undergone a subtle but major change. I previously discussed here on TNW the blockchain is already falling victim to its own popularity — with limited block sizes resulting in painstakingly slow transactions.

33 Minutes Ago   Fall is here, and you know what that means: it’s finally time for the re-emergence of the dumb Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.  I, for one, cannot stand the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

34 Minutes Ago   The dollar marched higher against the euro Monday as investors absorbed the outcome of the German general election, which resulted in a win for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative alliance, who nonetheless registered a sharp drop in support.

36 Minutes Ago   The premium-priced iPhone X is on track to be a colossal success for Apple, but whether or not the company can overcome production issues to satisfy consumer demand remains a major question mark ahead of its November launch.

38 Minutes Ago   Fitbit announced today that it will be launching the Ionic — the company’s first true smartwatch — on October 1st for $299.95. Also set to launch that day is the company’s first foray into the headphone market, the Fitbit Flyer, for $129.95.

41 Minutes Ago   California-based, China-backed startup Faraday Future is on a mission to take down Tesla. From its production in Nevada to racing against Jaguar, here's everything you need to know about this mysterious automaker.

42 Minutes Ago   As scheduled the Gionee M7 debuted today with a FullVision screen of 18:9 ratio and huge 4,000 mAh battery. It is the first phone with Helio P30 to hit the market after Mediatek announced the new chipset in August.

42 Minutes Ago   U.S. stock-market indexes are trading slightly lower on Monday, as steep declined in technology shares outweigh gains in energy and consumer staples sectors

42 Minutes Ago   BTW, to continue yesterday's thread about geeks with good hearts. There are tech community people journalists can and should rely on. The press has assumed that we all work at big companies, but the truth is most of the ones you can trust do not.

46 Minutes Ago   Reports from South Korea suggest that Apple has ruled out a 5.2-inch OLED phone in 2018, and is examining two sizes of OLED screens with one very similar to the iPhone X, plus a large-format LED model.

47 Minutes Ago   This season Harley dominates NHRA motorcycle drag racing as rider Ed Krawiec just racked up his third win in a row. Krawiec and teammate Andrew Hines both ride dragsters based on the Harley-Davidson Street Rod.