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27 Minutes Ago   "Psychographic microtargeting" sounds like a phrase straight from the mouth of Big Brother. But is this advertising tactic really the dystopian big, bad wolf that many are making it out to be?

56 Minutes Ago   We’ve got no less than 14 new movie trailers for you this week, and three of them are new Netflix attractions — or TV movies, as Steven Spielberg mistakenly referred to films made by streaming services.

56 Minutes Ago   CordDock by ElevationLab tries to solve one of the biggest headaches of iPhone docks; the inability to charge when you lift your phone from its perch.

57 Minutes Ago   From the new book, The Secret History of Mac Gaming, remember Project Pippin?

57 Minutes Ago   Time travel is a classic trope in science fiction, posing questions about fixing the past, paradoxes, or simply spectating in a time long before your own.

57 Minutes Ago   A prosecutor in King County, Washington, has become enmeshed with a group that promotes sting operations to abolish the sex industry. The post Group That Opposes Sex Work Gave Money to Prosecutors’ Offices — And Got Stings Against Johns in Return appeared first on The Intercept.

1 Hour Ago   Self-proclaimed tomboy surfer Mel Wells of Portland, Oregon was inspired by the modest, one-piece bathing suits from the twenties to create her own line of similarly-cut swimwear.

1 Hour Ago   Landslides are bad news. In parts of the world where heavy, sustained rains can rapidly give way to flash flooding, they're responsible for tragic loses of life, property and transportation infrastructure.

1 Hour Ago   This is what separates us from the animals: tutti-frutti flavored lollipops in our likeness. The Face Licker is the latest bespoke product from quirky UK online retailer Firebox who also makes face cushions and face luggage.

1 Hour Ago   Here's Chris Baraniuk on people who make their own mechanical watches, from scratch: an intricate and delicate traditional craft that is, for once, not lost to time.

1 Hour Ago   Uber self-driving cars need human help way more often than Waymo or Cruise cars.

1 Hour Ago   It should come as no surprise to OnePlus fans that we’re hearing more details on their next smartphone model, the OnePlus 6; after all, the company is almost literally on a six-month update cycle with its subsequent “T” upgrades.

1 Hour Ago   Snowpulse Highmark incorporates cutting edge technology into their snowmobile-specific avalanche airbags -- serving for added margins of avalanche safety. The new 3.0 technology is its latest and greatest to date.

1 Hour Ago   The post Accounting+ is a delightfully bonkers VR experience [Reality Bytes] appeared first on MobileSyrup.

1 Hour Ago   Dropbox Inc. shares shone amid a stormy market Friday that capped a week of red ink, which could signal safe waters ahead for market debuts as $3 billion in initial public offerings prepare to price next week.

1 Hour Ago   Micron Technology Inc. executives have been adamant that the sudden demand spike for its memory chips is not a short-term phenomenon. Now, they’re putting money where there mouths are.

1 Hour Ago   Box Chief Executive Aaron Levie says the similarities between his company and Dropbox CEO Drew Houston’s mostly end at the names in an interview ahead of Dropbox’s initial public offering.

1 Hour Ago   Authorities said the gendarme, Lt. Col. Arnaud Beltrame, died of his injuries hours after he was shot. Gendarmes are members of the military who serve as police.

1 Hour Ago   Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to the weekend! While the folks at Facebook are probably ready for a break, we're highlighting all of the gaming news from GDC 2018 and preparing for next week's Apple event.

1 Hour Ago   A growing number of testimonies say that the U.N. neglects and even punishes people who report sexual assault, while perpetrators act with impunity. The post Survivors of Sexual Abuse at the U.N.

1 Hour Ago   The stock market bounced back from a round of trade worries earlier this month, only to get hammered again on Thursday as the Trump administration took aim at China.

1 Hour Ago   This week’s most thought-provoking papers from the Physics arXiv.

2 Hours Ago   Afraid of losing files but daunted by the many back up options out there? Don't be concerned. Our handy guide will walk you through how to back up your computer and give you a number of different ways to do so.